Our Services


Ongoing project:

    Merline and Joy integrated rural development trust, started this school in the year 2001 to make our vision possible that our underprivileged children in the rural area should get the high quality education in low cost. We started with the strength of 80 students from nursery to 7th  standard and later we extended our education till 10 standard and we were able to educate and build career for 1600+ students from our trust till the year 2021 and our beneficiary are increasing down the line.

Our future project from the year 2022:

 Project title: SHIKSHA VISTAR

Our next mission is to extend our education to children and youth till 12th standard, bachelor degree, Nursing and paramedical course, hence our students can get holistic education through our organization, So that their education won’t get hinder by socio economic status or any other reason. Hence they become self-sustainable and make their family and our society a better place for living and to develop our country.   

  • Project special features:
  • By providing school education till 12th standard in our organization, it will help students and their family not to get burden by their financial constrain for the children education so that there will be no school drop outs.
  • To empower women in health care sector by providing nursing and paramedical education to boost our health care system to fight any challenges like pandemic and epidemic in future.
  • To provide good science lab (physics, biology & chemistry) and medical lab facilities to our children for the better understanding and learing of the subject.
  • To provide other bachelor degree , so that our students will becomeSelf-sustainable in future, So they support their family in poverty and help in growth of our country in different sectors.


Health care

we provide our service in the villages around the chickballapur district, covering around 25 villages and 3000+ people who are at need of treatment for their chronic illness due to varies cause. We do conduct health camp mainly focusing on anemia, diabetics, hypertension, COPD, asthma,  and for children nutrition assessment, vaccination, growth and development assessment and we provide education and importance of breast feeding, institutional delivery, maternal health checkup, family planning, awareness regarding tobacco and alcohol related complication in the village area.

Disable children

We focus on the children who are facing varies genetical problems, cerebral palsy, blindness, speech and hearing problem. This children are left unattended due their problem by many parents, who are unable to meet the expense to take care of their children due there financial constrain. We support 80+ children like this problem by providing groceries, clothes , medical expense and other essential needs mainly who in the rural area.

Old age home

Many of our elderly people are left unattended by their family due to migration of people for job and education, urbanization, socio economic status and family problem. This elderly people are suffering for their basic need and health issues due to lack of support from their family. We take 50 elderly people by supporting basic needs and health care every year through our organization.